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I would like to share my story in hopes that it will help others. My name is John and I am a believer in Chiropractic. I grow up with it and come from a family of several Chiropractors. Six years ago I was a very healthy, strong and athletic 40 year with a wife and three small children. After traveling and not sleeping in my own bed, I woke up with a stiff neck. So I went to see a Chiropractor. As soon as the doctor adjusted my neck I did not feel right, dizzy and out of sorts. The doctor told me to go home and I would feel better. However I did not feel up to driving so I had someone come and pick me up. After laying down for a couple of hours I tried to get up to see if I would feel any better. I tried to eat something, that did not work. As I tried to go back and lay down I lost my balance and fell down. At that time we did not know what was going on and my wife took me to the hospital. At the hospital they ran some test, one being a CAT scan, after reviewing my medical history and the test results they told my wife I had a Migraine and they sent me home at 2:00 am. A few hours later when I was passed out on the floor in my family room, my wife called our doctor who called the hospital and then called her back and said that after looking at the CAT scan a second time and they had seen something and that a ambulance was on its way. After several hours in the emergency room I was given a MRI & MRA, at that time they had seen that I had suffered a significant stroke. Because of the very poor care I had received and my wife fearing for my life, she made arraignments to have me relocated to better hospital. At the new hospital the care was outstanding and they saved my life. After the new hospital ran more tests they determined, based on the facts that my stroke was caused by the violent manipulation procedure that the Chiropractor used. To this day I have to live with what has happen to me and my family; it has been very difficult and has taken a toll on us all. The biggest disappointment has been that the Chiropractor and the hospital take no responsibility for what they have done. I am aware of the ongoing debates and the dentils by Chiropractic community. I am living proof that this treat is real, I am still not against Chiropractic, I know and I have seen it help many people in many ways. However, many people all over the world have been severely injured by Chiropractors. This treat is real and needs to be addressed before more families are affected by this epidemic. Insurance has to be required, the public needs to be aware of the possibilities and the doctors need to be held accountable. By addressing this problem know many lives can be saved.

John, New York  
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