How CSAG Began

Linda Solsbury was confined to a hospital because of the medical care she required after suffering a stroke after a cervical spinal manipulation. Despite the extreme physical limitations she faced, she was instrumental in pursuing legislation requiring chiropractors to carry malpractice insurance. She was determined to prevent someone else having to face a lifetime of struggles like the existence that forced upon her on that tragic day back in October 1985. Also during her 20+ years of hospital confinement she corresponded with countless others who also were severely injured by a cervical spinal adjustment performed by a chiropractor.

Britt Harwe met Linda Solsbury in late 2004. They were brought together by another woman that also had stroke as a result of a chiropractic adjustment. A strong and unbreakable connection formed as a result of their experiences they had in common. The strength of that bond inspired Linda and Britt to begin an awareness campaign to inform the public of this cause of stroke. And to reach out to others who were injured to let them know they were not alone.

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