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David MacDonald of Windsor Locks, Connecticut is at the far right of this photo, which was taken as Governor M. Jodi Rell signed Public Act 08-109 into law on June 16, 2008. The law will extend the state's online Physician's Profile to chiropractors.
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On November 20, 2000, I went for my first visit to the Chiropractor. At the end of my visit, my chiropractor decided to manipulate my neck and trusting her, as I was dumb then, I said okay. When she twisted my neck, it hurt like hell! But, I figured the Chiropractor knew what she was doing. She said it was alright to go back to work, so I did. Later that evening while I was still at work, I developed a really bad headache. It hurt so much, that I called my wife and jokingly told her that I thought that I was going to die, so I thought I'd better call and tell her that I loved her. After hanging up, I went over and lied on the floor which seemed to help. My Son-in law was also working with me, so when my wife called back he answered the phone and told her that I was lying on the floor. At that time she asked him to drive me home and she called the Chiropractor. Believe it or not, the Chiropractor told me to take an aspirin and she would see me in the morning. She called at about 8:30 A.M. the next morning and told me to come in and she would meet me at her office. The first thing she did was to get me up on the table and do a neck manipulation. After cracking my neck, she took my BP, which was 240/140. Then she said, 'Let's try it again'. So I jumped back on the table, so that she could crack my neck again. And again she took my BP, which was 240/140. Well she concluded that it was kind of high, maybe I should go see my Primary Care Doctor. After a little discussion, it was decided that it was alright to go back to work, but I would call my PC Doctor for an appointment as soon as I could get one. I guess she felt that she was passing the responsibility for me to my Primary doctor. Anyway, the best they could do was 4:00 P.M., or the last patient of the day. When I finally got in at 4:30 P.M., he checked my BP and it was 130/100, so there wasn't any panic. And he said to come back in the morning and they would check it again. I went home and sat down to eat supper with my wife. After a couple of bites, I hit the floor throwing up and I can't remember my wife calling 911 and screaming to me not to lose consciousness. And the rest is a blur.........

I was taken by ambulance to the Hospital. After a night and a day, I was transferred to Lahey Clinic, Burlington, Mass. where I was operated on and was put into a Coma for 5 weeks. On December 26, 2000, I was transferred to Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital for 6 weeks. Lahey Clinic said that I had suffered a Bi-lateral Dissection. They had originally told my wife that I probably wouldn't make it and after all was said and done, that it was a miracle that I did.

(Editor�s note: On June 30, 2010 David MacDonald passed away in his sleep at 63 years of age.)
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