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I am a 36 yr. old mother of 3 girls ages 7, 5, and 3. 2 yrs. ago I had a stroke after a neck manipulation. I actually went in for a shoulder pain. I even took in my MRI's and x-rays with me (even though the chiropractor said it was unnecessary). He studied them and said some medical mumbo jumbo that I do not remember and then proceeded with the manipulation. After manipulating my spine, he manipulated my neck. I remember saying Ouch! That hurt. When I got to the desk out front I told the office staff I wasn't feeling too well. They made a follow up appointment, dismissed me and told me to call if I got worse. My mom was in the waiting room with my kids and I told her it really hurt and I did not feel well. She said come to her house and she would help with the kids. I remember it in bits and pieces from there. I remember calling my best friend and telling her I did not think I would make it to my mom's house 2 miles away (I had my 3 kids in the car! which now scares me to death). By the time I got there, 5 minutes later, I could not get out of the car. My mom took the kids out and helped me into a chair. I was dizzy, nauseous and could not swallow and when I walked I leaned to the left. We immediately called the chiropractor who told me it was just vertigo and to take some motion sickness medicine called meclizine. By then I was crying and saying I couldn't take it and my mom helped me to a bed to lay down. I immediately started vomiting about every 5 minutes. My mom insisted that the chiropractor come and bring the medicine. She also called my husband (a hospital director) and my dad. They both immediately came. The chiropractor showed up and tried to shove meclizine down me but I just vomited and gagged. My husband asked if we should go to the ER. The chiropractor said we could if we wanted but all they would give me was meclizine too. So, I should just let the vertigo pass. The chiropractor left and told us to update him if there were any changes. I was crying, vomiting, and kept telling them I felt like I was going to die. My husband called the ER and talked with someone and told them the symptoms. They told him to bring me in IMMEDIATELY. After calming the vomiting I had MRI's, MRA's and several x-rays. Nothing showed up. I spent 3 days our local hospital and all the doctors were puzzled. I was sent to FT. Worth to a major hospital where they ran a test that shot dye into my brain. They found a small tear. My neurologist said I was lucky. Surgery was an option but only if I wanted to take the risk of 75% chance of dying on the table. At that point I still could not walk, eat, or basically think well. But, at least I could swallow a little. That was an improvement. I felt like an old lady (I was in a room with a 98 yr. old) and basically the whole wing was full of older patients. But, stubborn me tried walking with a walker and I refused to use anything but the toilet (so I had to get up). I remember my mom asking my neurologist right before they sent me to rehab (which I did not get to decide on but my family had to make the decision) would I ever have another stroke. He told her not unless I went and had another manipulation.

2 yrs. have passed and I have lost many friends, including my best friend. But, I have new friends who are more understanding. My marriage and finances are stretched to the brink of destruction. I sometimes walk to the left and if you listen really close sometimes I slur my words. I have trouble remembering words or use the wrong ones. I have no temperature gage on my right side and I have a lot of nerve pain on my right side. My left side is still a little numb and my left eye drops a little if I get tired and my vision fails when I am tired too. I can not take a lot of stimulation or I can not think. Then I get frustrated. I work out constantly but can not shed the 100 lbs. I have put on since the stroke. My doctor says I have no metabolism now. I can not even eat an apple without gaining weight. I am trying to lose it but it seems like there will be a long road ahead.

It is also hard to find other young people that want to talk about what happened to them. All the websites I have found only mention older people and never chiropractors.

Thank you for your website and sharing stories like mine... It made me feel validated to know there are others like me out there.  
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