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Jeremy Youngblood

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Police investigate Ada man's death

ADA, OK - 30-year-old Jeremy Youngblood's family say he went to a local chiropractor in Ada for a sore neck, but two days later he died of a stroke brought on by the procedure, according to the medical examiner. Now police and the family's attorney are investigating.

Ada Police Detective Kathi Johntson says on the morning of June 9th, Jeremy Youngblood came to Power Chiropractic Clinic in Ada for a neck adjustment.

"Jeremy went in to see a chiropractor for general purposes. I think it was a general procedure and something happened while he was there. He became ill, and he was taken to Valley View [Hospital] by his father," Det. Johnston says.

Jeremy was then taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma City, where his family learned that he had suffered a stroke.

"They discovered that he had a problem with his arota, suffered brain damage because of that, and he died."

The State Medical Examiner's Office says Jeremy died of an acute cerebellar stroke due to a manipulation of the neck and ruled the death accidental, but the Youngblood family has hired an attorney and filed a report with the Ada Police Department to look in to the incident, and say they want to know why the clinic didn't call 911 after Jeremy became sick at their office.

"We're investigating because a complaint was made at the police department by Jeremy's father, and he just wants to know, and he just wants to find out exactly what happened, and if anything criminal occured," Det. Johnston says.

The Youngbloods' attorney, Leo Austin, says the family simply wants answers and justice for their son.

"They want justice out of this. They don't understand how this could have happened and someone not be at fault," Austin says.

We contacted the attorney representing the Power Chiropractic Clinic. They had no comment on the death or the investigation.

Video: Man, 30, Dies After Visit To Chiropractor

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