Patients Advocate For Informed Consent

September 10, 2009, | Return to News

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Informed consent has been brought up before in the Connecticut state legislature but the bill has never gone anywhere. Now, supporters are bringing their issues before a state board to create awareness to certain procedures that could hurt you.

Britt Harwe is an advocate for informed consent. 16 years ago, Harwe suffered a stroke after receiving neck manipulation from a chiropractor.

After the stroke, she was hooked up to a feeding tube because she could not swallow. This past spring, Harwe underwent a successful surgery and can now eat on her own.

The Connecticut Chiropractic Association said that the standards already exist and that many chiropractors inform patients of possible side effects that could occur when having a neck manipulation procedure performed.

Some patients could sue in cases of negligence.

Harwe said that her chiropractor only told her about some of the possible side effects, not a stroke and she would rather have her health, not money.

Informed Consent Hearing Set for January


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